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Founded in 1999, United Health Systems is a Sleep Diagnostic and high technology respiratory services and equipment provider serving the sleep and respiratory needs of patients in the south Florida tri-county area comprising of the DadeBroward and Palm Beach counties. United Health Systems diagnostic and Durable medical equipment facilities are accredited by the independent national accrediting agencies of the Joint Commission and the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) as well as Medicare and Agency for Healthcare administration (ACHA) agencies which ensure that we provide patients with the highest healthcare and professional standards in the industry.

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Better Sleep means Better Health at United Health Systems


An estimated 45 million Americans are affected with sleep disorders, which include narcolepsy, sleep apnea and other forms of insomnia. United Health Systems sleep labs can quickly, painlessly and thoroughly diagnose and offer treatment of these disorders and more.


Indentify the Problem:

United Health Systems can provide clinically validated      tools to help physicians identify patients suffering from sleep apnea.

Supply the Equipment:

United Health Systems carries and fits CPAP and BiPAP equipment and for all patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

No Long Waits:

All UHS patients are usually scheduled for a sleep test within one week of their physician's referral so disgnosis happens sooner.

- Follow-Up and Compliance:

The UHS team offers follow-up after the sleep test with our CPAP management program.

- Take the Test:

Once the patients have been referred to a UHS Sleep Facility, our trained professionals conduct a full polysomnographic/sleep test.

- Better Results:

United Health Systems programs ensure patients receive improved CPAP or BiPAP compliance.

- Report the Results:

United Helath Systems reports the results back to the referring physician within 3-4 business days.



Find the Sleep, Oxygen, and Respiratory Care You need at UHS


After your diagnosis, you may have questions about what type of equipment and supplies you need and how to use that equipment to get the best results. The Respiratory Therapists and sleep experts at United Health Systems have the equipment you need and the expertise to help you get the results you need for better sleep and respiratory health.

Trust United Health Systems When You Need


- CPAP and BiPAP units - Sleep Apnea monitors
- CPAP and BiPAP replacement masks, filters and tubing - Suction Machines and supplies
- Nebulizers - Pulse Oximetry Spot Checks
- Portable Oxygen - Overnight Pulse Oximetry trending
- Oxygen Concentrators  






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