What Does a Sleep Study at United Health Systems Involve?


What is a Polysomnogram? Polysomnogram is commonly known as a sleep study. During a sleep study, many measurements are taken and sleep stages are recorded through gently applied wires affixed to your scalp, side of your face and under your chin.

  • Heartbeats are recorded by an Electrocardiogram.
  • Leg movements are measured using wires affixed to your legs.
  • Breathing is monitored through cloth bands placed around your chest and stomach areas.
  • Oxygen levels in the blood are measured by a Pulse Oximeter, which is placed on your finger via a finger clip.
  • It may look like a scene from an old horror movie, but we promise it's painless and not uncomfortable. And you're in your pajamas!

Are people watching me sleep?

Yes, United Health Systems laboratory technician remains overnight in an adjacent room (not in the room with you) and is available to assist you during the night.


How Do I get my Sleep Study Results?

Th results of your United Health Systems sleep study will be explained to you by your doctor at your follow-up visit.


Polysomnogram Information

A 'Polysomnogram' is used to diagnose various sleep disorders. 

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Home Sleep Tests

Your doctor may recommend a home-based sleep test with a portable monitor.

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Daytime Sleep Studies

We use a daytime sleep study to measure how sleepy you really are.

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