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Eclipse Concentrator

Category: Oxygen Concentrator

This new portable concentrator does it all. The unit has Continuous Flow of 3 LPM along with Pulse Dose Settings of 1-6. This concentrator is lightweight and makes extended travel possible for oxygen patients.
The SeQual Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect home concentrator and you can take it with you anywhere at any time.
The unit is equipped with on-board auto-recharge power cartridge (battery) allowing up to 4.4 hrs of oxygen delivery, as well as an AC/DC power adapter.

Weighs with power cartridge 17.4lbs
Weighs without power cartridge 13.9lbs
Continuous flow setting
Pulse dose setting
Alarm (low oxygen notifier)
Easy to use/read controls
Compact and unobtrusive
Easy to clean
A power miser (lower electrical consumption)
Quiet operation
Lightweight and easy to move
Pulse setting from 1 thru 6
Continuous flow settings 3LPM

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